Port Players - Student Handbook

Congratulations on being cast in a Port Players production. Please see below for the actor and parent handbook, forms for the show and important information. To enroll in the program the last page needs to be signed and returned along with your tuition payment to participate.

Theatre Experience  

Port Players is a youth community theatre program. As a professional actor with over 10 years of professional experience, I try to instill the same philosophy and expectations as a professional theatre. This is an educational program. I will guarantee that the experience your child will receive from this Program will prepare them for any outside community theatre in the area. With that said, I take this job very seriously. There is plenty of room for fun, however, we do have a job to do.


There is a $285.00 tuition fee for each student in the cast. This helps with the cost of the copyrights of the show, production materials, rental equipment and costumes. This year, the production fee includes a PortPlayers backpack!

New for this season, please register online via our registration portal. We now accept e-checks as well as credit cards. Please make checks payable to Port Players.

Tuition is due September 6th.


Port Players has its own website. It is mandatory for everyone in the show to sign up for the blog. This website will be used to communicate with the cast and the crew through out the show. The rehearsal schedule will be posted here and important updates. Please follow the blog to receive email updates for the show.

Please click Blog/Rehearsal Schedule tab and go to:


Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Behavioral Policy

Port Players is an enrichment program that involves multiple grade levels. I try to instill the notion that we are a TEAM. Theatre is a team effort. Treat everyone with respect. This includes other students, parents, teachers, theatre staff, and volunteers.

Port Players has a zero tolerance for bullying. If anyone hears or sees this happening, please notify someone on the production staff immediately.

Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances and to be on time. If you cannot attend for any reason, contact the Director as soon as possible. If a student misses several rehearsals (not due to illness) it will be up to the Director’s discretion to have that student cut from scenes/musical numbers. It’s difficult to re-teach numbers for one student to catch up.

Participants are expected to cooperate with the Director, Music Director, Choreographer, and each other during rehearsals. A positive attitude is a must!

We try to schedule rehearsals with very little down time, however, when we are working with other students, there will be times when the students are asked to work independently either on studying their script/music or doing homework. Please utilize your down time at rehearsals.

Scripts should be brought to each rehearsal and treated with care. Please have a pencil available to write notes down as well.

Cell phones must remain off during all rehearsals and performances. If it is an emergency, obtain approval from one of the production staff members before using your phone. If we see students on their phones, we will collect ALL cell phones and return them after rehearsal.

Participants are expected to take pride in their rehearsal space by keeping it clean and neat. This means disposing of all bottles, cans, snacks, etc. after each rehearsal.

Participants are expected to keep a neat and appropriate appearance. SHOES MUST BE WORN during all rehearsals – NO Exceptions.

If a child is disrupting a rehearsal and not following the behavioral guidelines, we will call for them to be picked up immediately from rehearsal. 

On Time For Pick Up 

On occasion, we have had some difficulties with parents picking up their children on time. I know everyone has busy schedules, however, we ask that you take extra care for being on time picking up your child.

Costume Guidelines for Performances 

We are renting most of the costumes and we need to keep them in the same condition that we received them. All costumes assigned to your student must be returned. They are not yours to keep.

Some costumes will be the responsibility of the child. We will notify you in advance if you need to provide any part of your child’s costume.

All students are responsible for their personal undergarments and hosiery or socks (boys—black socks; girls—neutral tights). Any student who has a quick change for his/her role(s) should wear a leotard (girls) or undershirt and shorts (boys) underneath their costume.

All rented costumes must be hung up. Other costumes brought from home should be neatly placed in your basket.

Do NOT eat anything while you are wearing your costume. Drinks are to be CLEAR liquid only when wearing a costume.

Important Theatre Terminology 

CALL TIME– Call time refers to the time and actor is called to rehearsal. If it says Call Time: 5pm, you are expected to arrive at 5pm.

ALL CALL– This means that every actor is expected at the rehearsal.

TECH WEEK– The term “Tech” refers to the installation of the technical aspects of the show. This is when we will be using microphones, lighting and the new sound system. The actors will be using the stage and running the show with all technical aspects.

OFF BOOK– This term refers to when the script and music must be memorized completely.

BLOCKING- Blocking in the term that refers to where you stand on stage and all your entrances and exits. This term will appear often in the schedule. 

Thank you for your support,

Liz Armano

Director, Port Players