Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for auditioning for a Port Players Production.  We are very excited to begin working on our Musical.  Here are some FAQ’s you and your parents may have regarding the show.

What is the production fee for? There is a $285 tuition fee to participate in the show.  This helps with the cost of the copyrights of the show, rehearsal and performance space, sets, costumes and other production materials.

What are CALL BACKS? A call back is designed to help the production staff cast the show.  You may be called back to sing a specific song or read for a specific character in the show.  This is to help with casting only.

If I’m NOT CALLED BACK, does that mean I won’t get a leading role?  NO.  A call back just means we would like to hear more from you.  Some children will not need a call back and we may already have you in mind for a character. The full cast list will be posted at the school and on this web-site.

When will the cast list be posted? The cast list will be posted.

What is the rehearsal schedule?  The rehearsal schedule is Tuesday & Thursday from 6:00-9:00. If this conflicts with your schedule and you are unable to do the show, please let us know ASAP.

What if my child cannot attend a rehearsal?  If you have one or two conflicts, it is completely understandable.  Please email me the dates in which your child cannot attend rehearsal.  If there are several conflicts, it will be difficult for your child and the rest of the cast to work together as a team and not fall behind.  I ask that if you do have several conflicts that you pass on having your child participate in the show. It is important that the cast is complete in order for us to put on a successful musical.

What is Tech Week?  Tech week is the week prior to the show.  We will be adding rehearsals and there will be a mandatory DRESS rehearsal that week.  Please keep this in mind regarding your schedule.

How will I know what we will be practicing at each rehearsal?  I will be sending out a detailed schedule every TWO weeks.  I try not to waste time and have children at rehearsal when they are not being used.  As an example, I may hold an ALL CALL rehearsal from 6:00-7:30 and I may only work with the leads from 7:30-9:00.  I will do my best to accommodate, however, if there is any down time, I would like the kids to be working on their music and lines and respect their cast-mates by being quiet.

Will I have to provide a costume for my child?  I have connections with a professional theatre and they were very generous loaning us various costumes in the past.  However, you may need to provide a basic costume for your child.  I will do my best providing what I can, however, it is not guaranteed that a costume will be provided for all.

How can I volunteer? We would greatly appreciate helpers during play practices and also during the actual show.  In addition, we hold a bake sale during intermission to help fund the show so bakers are needed as well.  I will keep you posted on needs that may arise via email.

Who do I contact if I have any questions? Please feel free to contact me, Liz Armano, with any questions at:

If your child is cast in the show, please provide me with your email address, as I like to communicate with the parents.  I can send out detailed schedules and keep you posted on our progress.

Thanks again for auditioning and I can’t wait to start the production.